asg jointing compound- 25kg
  • Description

    ASG JOINTING COMPOUND (CEMENT BOARD) is a high performance, water-based acrylic paste that exhibits minimal shrinkage & excellent adhesion to cement substrates. Its flexible nature and ease of workability provide you with a crack-free and smooth finish application.

    It is also used to cover embedded fastener points and to level any minor irregularities or blemishes on surfaces. The delicate nature of the compound gives it a creamy & smooth texture that can be easily spread by hand and mechanical tools with zero or minimum sanding required after it hardens.

  • Feature

    • Easy to handle
    • Gives smooth surface
    • Mixes with cement


  • 100% water-based acrylic
  • Fast, Flexible, minimal shrinkage
  • Forms very durable exterior patching material
  • Easy cleanup


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White Powder


28 kg


Trowel or scrapper


The substrate must be cured, clean and free of all contaminants such as dust, oils and stains. Surface misalignment & protrusions should be trimmed back with a grinder. In hot weather, the substrate may be tempered with water to reduce suction.


ASG Jointing Compound (Cement Board) is not hazardous based on the major compound. However, we do recommend workers shall use safety equipment where necessary. In case of eye contact, immediately holy eyelids apart and flush eye continuously with running water. Get medical aid immediately when necessary.

Note: The information about applications and suggestions for use is based on practical experience. As due to various site conditions and unable to control the applications, therefore no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss and damage as this data sheet is for general guidance only.

Note: ASG reserve the rights to revise any data without prior notice.