• Description

    ASG MULTI PURPOSE READY-MIXED / NON-ASBESTOS JOINT COMPOUND Special Vinyl formulation that requires minimal mixing to thinning provides a smooth seamless finish for Gypsum Board Wall, Ceiling Joints and brick wall. ASG Multi Purpose Joint Compound used for taping, finishing Gypsum Board Joints, filling, covering and for Final Touch-Up Coats in Interior Gypsum Board applications. It is an ideal material for embedding fasteners, corner surfaces where necessary. It can also be used to repair the crack on the brick wall surface. It complies with ASTM C 475.

  • Feature

    • Durable
    • Low Shrinkage Cracks
    • Extra fine smooth finishing solutions
    • Excellent Workability


  • Covering jointing, fasteners, nail heads & corner beads
  • Repairing cracks, damage on walls and imperfection
  • Smoothing interior wall to provide extra smooth wall before final painting
  • Filling and patching holes


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White Powder

Pail/ Bucket

28 kg / 25kg / 5kg

Carton Box


For Joint Finishing

25 kg, Covers approx 163 fr (49.55mr)

For Texturing

25 kg, Covers approx 195 fs (18.38m2)

Technical Reference

Standard Specification for Joint Compound and Joint Tape for Finishing Gypsum Board

Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board 


  • Store ASG JOINT COMPOUND at room temperature for 24 hours prior to the application.
  • Stir content lightly, do not add water.
  • Use directly from the container when used for covering embedded fasteners, corner beads and trims.
  • If necessary add 1/2 pints (250ml) of water, remix gently.
  • Do not add in any other material.
  • Keep the container covered when not in use.


Sanding is not allowed. If required, use very fine sandpaper of grit 160.


ASG Joint Compound_Application-Step1
Step 1

Stir content lightly, do not add water.

ASG Joint Compound_Application_Step2
Step 2

Apply ASG Joint Compound only on dry surfaces. Apply thoroughly and allow each coat to dry before applying the next.

ASG Joint Compound_Application-Step3
Step 3

Keep air to the minimum, joint compound surface temperature 26/30 °c within the working area until joints are completely dry.


  • Apply the thin layer of Joint Compound between the Gypsum Boards Joint with 6" wide blade knife, press Joint Tape firmly into the Joint Compound on the Joint and embed with 8" wide blade knife.

  • Sufficient joint compound must remain under the Joint Compound over the embedding coat and feather out beyond the first coat.

  • Allow the second coat to dry thoroughly prior to the application of the finish coat.

  • Apply the final finish thin smooth coat to the
    joints and fasterners and let dry (Use 10" wide
    blade knife for joints & 6" wide blade for


  • Apply the Joint Compound on the both sides of inside corner with 6" wide blade knife.

  • Fold the Joint tape from center and press into the position.

  • Embed the Joint Tape with knife.

  • Excess Joint Compound to be removed.

  • Then apply evenly a thin coat over the Joint tape on both sides and let dry.

  • Then apply evenly a thin coat over the Joint tape on both sides and let dry.

  • Apply the final finish thin smooth coat.


  • Fasten the Metal corner bead or metal corner
    tape directly to drywall.

  • Apply first coat on the both sides of the external corner and let dry.

  • Apply second coat slightly beyond the first coat and let dry.

  • Apply the final finish thin smooth coat.


  • Drywall surface must be clean, dry, free from dust and not glossy before any decorating.

  • Decoration shall be such as painting or texturing.

  • All directions by decorating shall strictly adhere according to the conditions as stipulated by decorating materials.


Sanding dust (from out sanding) may cause eye, nose, throat or upper respiratory irritation, long term breathing of large amounts of mica may cause lung disease. Use wet sanding technique to avoid creating dust, if dry sanding, wear a NIOSH approved dust mask. Do not take internally. The use of safety glasses is recommended.

Keep out of children's reach.

Note: ASG reserve the rights to revise any data without prior notice.