• Description

    ASG CORNICE COMPOUND is a plaster based mixture designed for fixing and bonding cornice to plasterboard and walls and ceiling.
    However, owing to its high bonding strength it can also be used directly to concrete walls.

  • Feature

    • Low shrinkage
    • Extra smooth finishing
    • Excellent Crack Resistance
    • Excellent workability
    • High bonding strength


  • Hiding screw & nail head
  • Filling or patching holes
  • Designed for all cornice fixing to provide high strength
  • Avoid crack


colour icon


White Powder




Calcium Carbonate Powder

Water Ratio Demand

Powder 2 : 1 Water

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20 KG±

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Setting Time

25 Minutes


360 ft² of Plasterboard per 20kg


  • ASG Cornice Compound packed in 20KG± bags.
  • ASG Cornice Compound must be stored in a dry place with pallet.
  • ASG Cornice Compound has a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture.
  • ASG Cornice Compound storage in an unsuitable environment can shorten the lifespan of this product.


ASG Stopping Compound_Application_Step1
Step 1

Pour clear water into the tray.

ASG Cornice Compound_Application_Step2
Step 2

Add ASG cornice compound to clear water at a ratio of 2 parts of plaster to 1 part water. Allow soaking for approximately 2-3 minutes before mixing.

ASG Stopping Compound_Application_Step3
Step 3

Mix thoroughly until a smooth consistency compound is achieved. Avoid mixture with residue of older bathes.

ASG Cornice Compound_Application_Step4
Step 4

Apply ASG cornice compound from the tray.
(use within 30 minutes after mixing)


ASG Cornice Compound is not hazardous based on the major compound. However, we do recommend workers shall use safety equipment where necessary. In case of eye contact, immediately hold eyelids apart and flush eye(s) continuously with running water. Get medical aid immediately when necessary.

Note: The information about applications and suggestions for use is based on practical experience. As due to various site conditions and unable to control the applications, therefore no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss and damage as this data sheet is for general guidance only.

Note: ASG reserve the rights to revise any data without prior notice.